Francis Chan

Francis Chan is the founder of Cornerstone Church in Simi Valley California.  He is a man dedicated to not just preaching the word of God, but living it.  Francis is not afraid to teach the Word of God no matter how it may negatively impact him.  Francis is a man of strong conviction and gives almost every dime he makes to the poor and to ministries around the world.  Even though he preaches in a large church in a wealthy area of Southern California he was only paid $30,000 a year until he finally convinced the church elders to pay him nothing.
In 2010 Francis Chan left Cornerstone Church after being a pastor there for sixteen years and took his family to various parts of Asia with his family in order to minster overseas.  In January 2011 he moved his family to San Francisco where he plans on helping out local ministries there and then to start a new ministry.


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